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Len Todd
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I put three Spektrum 2000 mah 2S LiFe batteries in behind the firewall. Two for the PowerSafe Rxer and one for the gear. If I recall correctly, the gear controller can't handle 2S LiPo or maybe I just did not want to charge LiPos in the plane. Taking them out of the plane for charging would be a PITA. Three batteries and a DA 60 and still had to add a bit of weight in the nose.

Then I added ElectroDynamics' switches and use Andy's charge harnesses. I can just plug in and balance charge them in the plane. But, if you do not use Andy's batteries, you have to swap the leads in the JR connector so that the balance leads line up. Otherwise you fry the wires. Don't ask how I know.

I put the switches down in by the pilot's knees in the cockpit. I really have to look to find them. Also, I put in a manual choke in the cockpit also. Pull out the little handle and the choke is on.