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Default Maiden Flight day! AWESOME!!!

Today I got to maiden my H9 P-51D 60cc. The DLE-55RA is more than enough power and NO OVER HEATING issues with a Bennett muffler. EFLITE gear worked flawless--I believe in part to them having there own battery and omitting the inner gear doors. (to me it simplifies the up/down process) and during my 3 flights nobody even noticed the lack of inner gear doors.

Needed two clicks down trim, one click right AIL trim..... Futaba 18MZ
DLE-55RA-- order a set of DLE-35 standoffs and BOLT HER ON--no modifications needed...how simple is that?
Order a Bennett Muffler (rear muffler but very slim) no modification needed to firewall or engine box.
Elite gear appear to being working without issues--again hook them up to a switch and separate 6.6 2100mah LIFe battery I went and omitted the inner gear doors to simplify the gear UP/DOWN process and not have any issues with the gear doors (seems to like this setup and you save money on two less servos to buy) I may install them later.

Again this is my 2nd P-51D from Hangar 9...the first one was a DISASTER in every way I sold it and swore to never buy another Hangar 9 warbird!!!

But the craving for a Mustang in my 1/5 Scale fleet kept calling--- I ordered a TOPFLITE P-51 but the next shipment wasn't due in until April 2019. So I decided to order a Hangar 9 P-51D 60cc from Tower Hobbies (I have some coupons to use up etc) Tower took care of me, once I got the kit it was missing a rudder and some hardware--a simple call to customer service and they were replaced right away! I knew that going through this again I might be frustrated ---but I decided to take my time and think through the build and do the best I could to make her a quality airplane, I think I got it right this time!

The airframe appears to be in better quality and the fit/finish was much better! Maybe I was lucky?

ALSO ....I want to make this loud and clear "YOU STILL GET A COCKPIT KIT in the ARF BOX". you just can't buy it separately. If I didn't get one in the box I was going to return it .....but lets fix this RUMOR. YOU DO GET A COMPLETE COCKPIT KIT". Nuff said!

DLE-55RA with Bennett muffler, use DLE-35 Standoffs....bolt them on and move on! No baffle needed as you get plenty of cooling just make sure you have good exit flow.

I will be buying another P-51D 60cc soon to keep in my stash --as for all the work involved you do get ONE SWEET FLYING MUSTANG that looks like a MUSTANG! Check out the pics of the TOP FLITE next to her? Nuff said again!

Oh--yeah and the DLE-55RA is PLENTY OF POWER!

H9 P-51D 60cc....much more scale than the Top Flite version. However the Topflite goes together like butter! With the H9 you have some painful assembly but are rewarded with a great flying SCALE P-51D!

True to scale lines.....60cc P-51D Mustang by Hangar 9!