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Originally Posted by Len Todd View Post
Looks nice. They are fun to fly. I was working on getting my jets ready for the season. But, … now you got me looking over at the 51.

I only built this one as I was not wiling to wait for April on the TopFlite. I just adjusted my frustration level and knew I was in for some issues, none of which any came up. She looks so good compared to other 1/5 scale P-51D's. I am happy I gave it all another chance. I will buy another one if they go on sale....I have some spare parts building up for the long haul. Overall happy with the outcome..... Hopefully my posts help make someone life a little easier or help someone sitting on the fence about buying one. Seems to be a lot of mis information in this thread....especially about stand off lengths etc... again DLE-55RA just use DLE-35 standoffs and you are "bolt on" and the other myth was they no longer include a cockpit kit (which used to turn me off to buying another until I called a Horizon rep and asked him point blank) I hope they continue this kit for while--I think some improvements could be made a well as offering a different scheme and/or a ready to cover version. Happy Flying!!!

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