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Originally Posted by Neil Guildford View Post
The beila 24 x 10 prop I have is a 34mm thick hub and too big for a spinner, unless I recess the prop nut. The WWII ones are 30mm I believe, does that not cause the same issue?

I don't know if this will help, but I use a Beila 22X12 3 blade Folk wulf prop on my Zero with the 90. The thickness is 25.6mm and poses no problem for fit. Check on that thickness of the WWII prop. . If you call Aircraft International, they can give you the thickness of any prop hub. As a matter of fact the prop that Ray English recommends is the Beilla 3 blade 22X12 size WWII , so I know it will fit. I haver used it as well I would recommend a 22X12 3 blade prop, Combined with the Keleo Exhaust Ring people are going to asking you "What have you got in that thing? It really sounds great". Heavier prop, less nose weight, better sound. If you use a 24X10 2 blade you may need to go with a wooden prop. Falcon makes a painted WWII wooden 24X10 prop.

, nor 24X10.