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Default *** Stolen/lost Kingtech K70 G2 engines

3 weeks ago I shipped 2 brand new (unbroken boxes) Kingtech K70 G2 engines for compressor updates (serial numbers 095 and 096). They were sent to Kingtech Luxembourg using GLS. For some odd reason, GLS has lost my engines !!
The tracking info stops right where they leave Denmark, after that nothing more. GLS has started a case on this, but I fear the engines are gone
(insurance will only cover a small part of the value, long story, I know...)

So, if anyone offers you a cheap Kingtech K70 engine with serial 095 or serial 096, they are mine
Please spread the word.

The above message I posted on Facebook a couple of days ago. Within 10 hours it got shared more than 60 times, and at that time, something out of the ordinary happended....
I got word from Kingtech that they would help me out. I can't tell you the exact specifics of this, I can only say that Kingtech went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me, help me with these two engines that somehow got lost/stolen while in the hands of GLS. Kingtech had nothing to do with the engines getting lost, its not their problem that GLS failed. But nevertheless, Kingtech fixed everything for me. I could NOT be happier. Thanks Kingtech, Kingtech Luxembourg and thanks to all my friends around the globe that shared my post (especially Digitech one stop shop), sometimes wonders do happen

Thanks goes to KingTech Luxembourg / JMB Jets and Kingtech !

(PS: The "original" engines are still lost/stolen, so if you see 095 or 096 K70, let me know )

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