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Norman, I hate to say this but you should know they are not well known for having reliable working electric gear, especially the larger gear. My sincere recommendation to you is that you consider converting to air or switch to Sierra gear.
I have had about 10 years of reliable air retract service from my Robart gear in the TF giant Corsair, among other models I have used Robart air in as well. But, I do not use their electric system, in fact I have a New In Package electric conversion set for their big gear I have never even tested.

Also, look to see if there is a set screw to adjust the slop in the retract, it’s considered an adjustable stop screw. I’ve seen that in their gear before I think and if not maybe it could be added.

The Hellcat uses the same base gear as the P-40 and the Corsair right? Can you show what your issue is with that gear? I have a spare air set I could look at and maybe suggest a simple fix.