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Originally Posted by evlknevl View Post
I checked the hinges on all of my planes after my Extra almost died a misarable death due to a aileron hinge coming out. I have many flights on that plane. Life took me away from the hobby for quite a few years and the planes sat collecting dust. The extra was the 1st to see daylight and after about 6-8 flights I noticed the ailerons werenít responding too good. I figured a servo went bad. When I landed only the outer hinge and the control linkage on the right wing were still attached.

Id also like to get a new cowl for the Ultimate if I can find one. When I cut the original out to fit over the engine I misjudged where the cowl would end up and have extra large openings for the heads. It doesnít look terrible but it is still the pride of my hanger. I want it to look as good as it flies. Iíll post pics when I can. I donít have enough posts yet.
Fiberglas specialties has cowls. I just bought one