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Just including this reply for those searching similar glassing tasks in the future:

As I have learned from a mentor, fiber orientation can help in some instances too.

Bi-directional cloth applied to the center section with fibers running 0-90 will have only those running span-wise providing strength across the butt-joint. Those fibers running chord-wise - which comprise half the material - are not providing strength across the joint. [++++++l++++++]
You may achieve better results with uni-directional material where all the fibers are running 90 degrees to the joint. [--------l--------]

If you have enough bi-directional material to do the job and the cloth is applied on the bias (45/45), then all the fibers will be working to strengthen the joint like the uni- but with the added benefit of torsional rigidity. [XXXXXXlXXXXXX]

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