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Thanks for the reply CaptRKO. Guess I'll have to play around with the drop tanks to see what's going on that they drop off when I throttle up. I have 29 flights on my Han 9 P51D to date. I fly hard and a lot of full throttle. So far the airframe is holding up fine. The main problem I had is the upper cowl wood split after I added some lead weight to balance the plane. If you place the balance weights there you for sure need to fiberglass reinforce the inside of the upper cowl. The other thing I did not like was the ground handling due to the main structs no having enough forward rake to them. The plane would nose over very easily and the tail would bounce up and down when taxi-ing. I solved the problem when my son 3-d printed a pair of 1/4 shims. The plane now looks more scale and ground handling is perfect. No nose over tendency at all. Here's a picture of the shims.

Here you can see the difference in the struct angle (Very little).