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I haven't taken many pictures of my Han 9 P-51. I did take a few of the cowl and baffling. I had an issue on my TF 51 with the carb taking in to hot of air and quitting after about 4 or 5 minutes. I decided on the Han 9 P-51 I was going to keep the carb intake away from the engine cooling air. In the following pictures you can see what I did. The 1/16th ply piece in front of engine is glued to the lower cowling. It is angled from the top of the cowl intake down to a 1/16" ply that is zip-tied to the stand-offs just above the muffler. The green 1/16" ply piece is glued at an angle to force the air out the outlet hole in bottom of cowl.
I flew the P-51 with this set up (cowl on of course) and the engine temp was right at 300 at full throttle. I then added the two side vent panels with all the holes in them and opened the cowl outlet hole a little more and cleaned up the cowl inlet hole a little. The engine temp went down to 260 at full throttle and a little less throttled back. Both days the outside temp was about 60 degrees. The engine ran perfect on three 8 minutes flights. This is my first baffling job and I'm very pleased how it came out.
NOTE: I have added a picture of the cowl in place and a front view which shows the 1/8" plywood I added to the nose ring to keep the nose ring from splitting.
By the way, I got tired of adding nose weight to balance where the manual said. Ended up with the balance about 3/8" behind the rear mark in the manual. It flies great at that CG.

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