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The solution to the carb is to provide it cool air. The diaphragm stalls when the cowl air pressure is higher than the carbs pump pressure. So the fix is to solder a brass tube fitting to the pump cover where the small hole is and then attach a section of fuel tubing to it. Run the tube through the firewall to cool air and that will take care of the problem.
I’ve done this on a couple fully cowled DLE 35’s, 55 and now a 61.

As as for running at 300F, really? That’s way too hot. My engines run at idle 170F and about 200-210F at full power on the ground. They run cooler in flight with much more air flow. Generally you don’t want to run above 220F external temps. Your engine won’t last running like that, just my opinion.

If you can find them you should try aluminum velocity stacks to further cool the carb and help performance.