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Had a set of floats that did the same thing and everything we tried to seal them eventually failed again as the seams/cracks opened up. What finally worked was to fill them with expanding foam. We found a two part mix used for floatation in boats. You have to be careful not to use to much as the expansion of the foam will distort the float. We cut a few one inch holes along the top of the float then mixed up small amounts of the two part foam and poured it inside. The expanding foam filled the float a bit at a time as we did it in stages. The foam as well as filling the floats also glued everything together. These floats are still in use several years later. I suppose one could use the spray in insulation foam if one was careful. I even bet the polyurethane glues like gorilla glue and a spritz of water would expand and stick the floats together likewise.

PS the foam has to be closed cell so it does not absorb any water.