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Sorry no vid of today's fourth flight, but WOW! Just like that all the problems are solved. I added the reflex (4mm up to the ailerons) as I was instructed to do by an aero engineer(darn I forget his name) and the last flight was just fantastic! No pitching problems, the roll rate was great...Just all of a sudden the plane now flys like its on rails. Even the Horizontal stabs are now level . I suspect the reflex has moved the Center of Lift forward or back but it is no longer feeling like its a 40lb plane when its only 22lbs.lol

Our field has FINALLY opened up for the season.. only 2 months late but soon the guys with the high quality cameras will be out and I will be able to capture some much needed, better quality videos. The plan is to have a couple more flights and then install the turbine OR fly it as an electric off the pond, and then put the turbine in it.