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Congratulations!!! You are correct....
The Helio AU-24 Stallion was an American armed gunship, counter-insurgency, and utility transport developed for the United States Air Force. A total of 20 were built during the Vietnam War, with most of the aircraft being later sold to the Khmer Air Force.

1. Airplane
2. less than 25 produced 20 built
3. Built for one country but subsequently sold to another country when expectations and mission changed. USAF project and subsequently sold to Cambodia military
4. It could carry more than the pilot It could carry 9 PAX
5. The airplane MFG only made 4 different designs. One is quite recognizable (500+) and our Quiz subject is similar in configuration. Helio built the Courier, this plane and a twin and crop duster that was still borne
6. If you flew this plane it would require a special endorsement to pilot. Taildragger endorsement
7. Unlikely it carried its full compliment of PAX in a combat role. Correction it did carry at least one other crew member so 2 souls on board when in combat. Small airplane the more people on board the less amo that can be carried. I guess it had some oen to maintain and reload the guns so likely it carred and armorror
8. When in combat there was no indication there was any threat from enemy airplanes. slow and easy target to shoot down.
9, Only forward firing ordinance apparently was rockets. COIN fighter
10. It would fit in my T-hangar but the door wouldn't close all the way, too long for a standard T-Hangar. My hangar is 45'X35' and it is 41'x39'
11. American MFG Helio
12. Equipped with small bombs by today's std.
13. The Company didn't last and the largest production airplane was tried to put back into production after ownership changing hands numerous times, latest attempt 2004
14. The CIA was investigated as possibly trying to put the original company out of business but never went any where.
15. "Conventional"
16. Power plane was the venerable Prat and Whitney PT6 Turboprop.
17. This plane could be classified as being a member of a small group of aircraft that came into prominence in the 50's and onward. COIN
18. Relatively inexpensive the class of planes were produced by many different MFG from all over the world.