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Progress so far. Aluminium mount is fitted to 6 rubber isolation mounts.
I had to cut the mount down as I forgot to allow for the muffler.
I am thinking I can get away without the 90 degree carb bend, will have a play with a 90 degree arm and see how it works. If that is successful I will then use a velocity stack to feed air to the carby. It will stick out a bit but can paint it red.

Need to get a prop yet, thinking an xoar wooden prop in the style of WWI.

Only down side to the mounting is that I will have to cut an opening in top of the cowl for the spark plug boot, not overly worried as it will be hidden amongst the dummy exhaust anyway.
For the muffler I will knock up a dummy using balsa and see if I can get it fabricated at a local engineering works. I have one on my spit like this. For the fokker I will make it wider and have the oulets towards to outside so that can go down on either side of the mount and be clamped there.
Hard to explain.

Still need to get some 5 bolts and lock nots to use through the alum spacers. Ones shown are too long and using the T-nuts temporarily.

Later alligator.