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Howdy dear ”UltraSporters”, this thread has been idle too for long now. About time for updates.! Here is my update: Fitted a pipe and temporarily covered the wheel wells as you see. My favourite prop is still 14 x 6 (10.600 rpm static) which necessitates the longer legs that will not fit the wells. With this combo I have unlimited vertical which is kinda fun when the plane becomes a small speck in the sky. The decent is a bit scary since I will not hear the engine and I must avoid tearing it all up with a too steep nose dive. At full speed on the pipe I can hear a bit of flutter at level flight which will be addressed soon. Today I was practising spoileron landings which works better for me than flaperon landnings.Have bought a three bladed 14x7 prop which must be “clipped” a bit to facilitate shorter retract legs and a suitable rpm to avoid plane speed getting excessive. That´s it for now…how are you doing with your UltraSports..?? Please keep us posted..! Thank You.!