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Don Szczur
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Some additional pictures. Each picture has its own story. First week the U.S. team practiced at a field slightly east of the contest site we also flew at a field hosted by CRRC. Thank you so much for allowing us to fly there. We have made lifelong friends as part of the experience.

Site A was on a runway. Site B was basically cut out of a cornfield. There was a small zoo at site A and one could hear goats and horses as well as an occasional peacock milling about. The venue was an RC club with a co-joined site for weddings and banquets. What a great venue. Joseph found the pool on the last day (swimming between warmup flights for the finalists).

U.S. team flew well. The weather was fabulous- probably the most ideal one could imagine. Everyone was flying extremely competitively. The light winds and summer conditions brought many new design innovations, from Saba's tri-plane to Gernot's enormous monoplane. Onda flew electric at the worlds, versus glow. His contra setup was very quiet and smooth. Christophe flew conventional glow but an unconventional airframe. The wing tips were colored red which in my opinion helped both pilot and judges see the wings level or at exact angles during maneuvers- particularly rolling circles in the finals. Joseph flew a stock Alchemy but added a slight fin under for the demanding unknown sequences with multiple knife edge maneuvers. The Brenner Contra ran flawlessly and provided extremely constant flight speed, as did most aircraft flown at the worlds.