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A little progress today with getting a superstructure built. I thought I started this project with a lot of epoxy and micro balloons, but they are quickly dwindling into nothing. Still changing my mind on a powerplant a few times a day, not sure about a paint scheme, and trying to keep myself occupied while waiting for hardware to come. I should have enough sanding and fairing to keep myself busy for a while. Tomorrow I'm off on a work trip, so no progress for a few days.

I think I might be able to add pictures now; let's see...

Empty hull in rough shape, but the price was right. Just have to be careful sanding the outside- only one layer of glass then kevlar. Don't want to sand into the kevlar, because it likes to fuzz.

Deck on and working on getting rid of the wavy edges on the hull.

Working on a superstructure. This is going to use up a lot of micro spheres and sandpaper to make this a usable part.

Not 100% happy, but it will do. Lots of sanding left to do, but its almost starting to look like a boat. Really couldnt stand the primer grey, so a quick coat of black applied. Oh man, it looks so much better in black.