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Originally Posted by Kelly W View Post
Hey George,
Interestingly enough.... A few flights before I buggered up my stingray on landing, I'd switched my elevon servos to Hitec 5945MG's. I had a lesser quality digital before that. The 5945's had superior centering and hysteresis performance, which really dialed in the trim. It was a totally different jet. I'd suggest going without the AS3X stuff until you have a 1st flight down, then judge if its still needed. I thought it was dutch roll, but it went away after the elevon servo swap. Before that change, it was a real handful, particularly if you let it get far away. If you focus on gettign good servos, it may be a non issue.

Also, ditch the stock gear and install the equivalent Robarts. My gear got really sloppy - fast, and that was a contributor to the hop + damage... With a robust gear set, you only need to concentrate on holding the nose up slightly on landing, and just let it settle in at idle with the speed brake up. Its a very slippery jet, but its OK...

Thannks for the input! Appreciated. I have the robo struts, but the stock yellow retracts. Are they any good? I feel they are a bit sloppy. fly. I off concrete, Old RAF runway....or what's left of it.

I usually don't use the A3SX stuff. Especially till I get the aircraft flying as it should. I thought maybe the yaw damping might help to minimise the Dutch roll tendency.

I believe speed brake deployment, like my T1Euro, must be set to, all you can get, right?

I had in mind of getting the JTM 90mm viper struts with electric brakes, make sense?