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Originally Posted by Signofinfinity View Post
Thannks for the input! Appreciated. I have the robo struts, but the stock yellow retracts. Are they any good? I feel they are a bit sloppy. fly. I off concrete, Old RAF runway....or what's left of it.

I usually don't use the A3SX stuff. Especially till I get the aircraft flying as it should. I thought maybe the yaw damping might help to minimise the Dutch roll tendency.

I believe speed brake deployment, like my T1Euro, must be set to, all you can get, right?

I had in mind of getting the JTM 90mm viper struts with electric brakes, make sense?

The stock retracts are terrible. The alloy quality in the frames is very poor. The material is very soft, so the slider pin will eventually make the slot wider, which makes the retract leg sloppy. I'll see if I can dig mine up and show you. My nose gear retract lasted less than 5 flights before I replaced it with a Robart equivalent (which was bulletproof). The Robart is a way better design, the frames are better material, and the pin slot is curved to follow pin motion in the trunion.

Yeah, speed brake - get all you can get. You'll need it. I powered mine with a Hitec HS-645 for reference. Worked perfectly.

If you concentrate on getting good quality elevon servos, you may never see the issues in dutch roll.

On the spec sheet posted above, I wouldn't limit myself to those max thrust specs. It can handle more. Its the residual (idle) thrust in landing what you need to worry about...

You are really making me think about fixing my old bird... Good luck!