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Originally Posted by mkjohnston View Post
Hi Vincent, I did exactly the same thing with my dual Ailerons on my A-Ray. Do you a Y adapter where the leads come together in the center of the wing? I did this but I also bought a reverser that i got a swap meet and I was talking to a fellow modeler who told me that I didn't need this because i could just put the link on the opposite side that rotates the other direction. I have not finished construction yet on this wing but i have two other wings that will need the same set up! I hope to get this done this year but I have working very long hours lately and don't have much free time except on weekends
Thank You
Michael, I'm not using a "Y" harness because I dedicate separate channels for each servo. I prefer this method, as I can adjust each servo independently. If you've got the channels in your transmitter why not use them!

I hear you on the long hours. After a long day at work, I head to the gym for 1-1/2 hours, then home to cook dinner and eat. By that time I'm beat and too tired to make it into my workshop.

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