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Originally Posted by EF View Post
The shrink over the servo-extension connection is obviously a good thing, but why do you bother with this connection instead of simply cutting off the plug and receptacle, and making a soldered connection between servo and extension?

I always extend the servo leads that way, and have found it to also be economical (I buy servo wire by lengths of several meters, very cheap). If you need to replace a servo (a rare occasion) you can always cut the wires and re-solder a new one.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with your logic here EF. I know many modelers that do exactly that. With virgin connectors on both ends, the chance of having a electrical failure is pretty slim so I can trust it to do its job. So for me it's just easier to plug and play sort to speak. If, on the other hand I were using a used servo or extension lead, then your method would prove more reliable. Thanks for your thoughts!