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New Clue!

1. Built by an American manufacturer.
2. Developed from an earlier racing aircraft.
3. Fewer than 50 built.
4. Only used in the USA as a training aid.
5. It was originally designed for export to a particular country, but was never delivered. It did wind up being exported to two other countries where it served briefly.
6. Crew of two.
7. 14 cylinder radial engine.
8. The first batch built was painted in Air France livery to try to get around an export prohibition.
9. One of the countries that operated this aircraft was China.
10. And the other country that operated this aircraft was Mexico.
11. The earlier racing aircraft mentioned in clue #1 set a transatlantic speed record.
12. The transatlantic speed record in clue # 11 was set in 1936.
13. Wingspan was just over 46 feet.
14. Designer was Albert W. Mooney.