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Default Plastic universals for AMPS

Originally Posted by Linemanfpl View Post
I hand am older amps outdrive and broke the plastic universal joint. Do you have any or know where I can find one, thank you!
I have 2, c/r. I broke 1 and just went here and posted. I finally found a couple, now I have 1 spare. I'm very careful when running my boat. It's a 56" aeromarine apache with a 1:1 gearbox with a gas motor. I went to a shop to see if I could have them make a pair out of SS. The cost was around $150 each. I talked to a gentleman who did research and develpoment for AMPS (who I got the universals from, and he doesn't have anymore), they tried nylon filled plastic for the universals and found the joint didn't fail, however because it didn't brake when hitting something in the water, it broke off teeth on the gears. That's why they stuck with plastic because you would have had to send it back for repair.
Good luck finding 1, I wish I could have been more helpful. I purchased an outdrive on eBay for parts.