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Default Fox Bicycle Motor?

I just acquired this motorized 80ís Ross Snapper BMX bicycle powered by a 1983 Fox bike engine, built by Fox Manufacturing in Arkansas. The company was known for model airplane and RC engines. They made this bike motor for one year only. I believe they were forced to halt production after a lawsuit from Puch, but that part is just rumor. I have it running now but with some questions. I have some tuning to do because it lacks power. The instructions say . . . "There are two needle valves on the carburetor. One at the fuel inlet for high speed and one on the opposite side for low speed. I only see the high speed and not sure where it should go - how many turns out for baseline. Also can find the so-called low speed. I quickly cleaned the carburetor in my ultrasonic and blew it out with only rudimentary disassembly. Anyone familiar with this motors. I'm new here - so it not letting me post pix - or I'm just stupid!