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A good buddy of mine came by last night as I was working on the nose gear setup...He's a long time JET Pilot...
and after he looked at the nose gear assembly he made the comment that it could be fixed with a set screw
on the top side were the arm pendelem's you can adjust how the arm travels and were it stops. hhhhhmm
made some since... but I guess it wasnt in the design at the time they made the gear lol.
It took a good while to get the gear sitting were I was happy with it... its not a certain amount of PSI... its the
technique you use to get the Air in the retract... its a hit or miss thing... every ones plane weighs different.
the biggest problem I had was you have to cycle the retracts each time to get to the charge valve
so the plane has to be put together for 2 reasons.. keep the air in the system and to test your work ....

I used the big Robart tank and your right I only have one.... and it will be used for retracts and brakes,
I didnt hesitate to only use one tank I can get 5 cycles with 125psi and still be able to use my brakes ...I
have the EVO JET PRO Proportional Brake Valve I dont think you can get any better than that for Air...I do
however see your point of the brake line if I were flying from a grass field. I however only fly off Pavement.

I dont know how many people use the Cortex in the way I use it.... I put it on a 3 way switch 1 position
OFF... 2 position LOW and the 3rd Position MED. Used in different ways depending on what flight mode and
or wind condition's I really like to see a JET track in a straight line on the tarmac and come in without any issues
on a windy day especially a cross wind windy day... you spoke of how expensive these planes are why would
any one not have a Cortex to help in the unknown... the 339 isnt the most expensive JET I own.
I also have a Skymaster 1.3:65 HAWK 100.... so I know expensive lol

I am the 3rd owner of this motor... the 1st owner only had 2.36 min on it the 2nd owner a Good friend of mine
took it in and the plane on trade he sent the motor in for update and inspection and to change from Propane start
to Kero start... so once I installed it in the 339 and fired it up yesturday it was the first start after the update.
To me it seems as though I have a brand new I sure am hoping its reliable and I hear ( hope ) is
good.. lol

If there is a product out there that will give the scale appearance of the lights on the plane I am all for that if someone
knows were these parts are I sure would like to get them.
I have the controllers and lights just need the lenses.

I went back to the start of this thread and reread every stitch about C.G. for this plane from what I am understanding
everyone says to start on the center of the wing tube....and then others that have flown the plane say go back something
like 2cm from the back of the wing tube.... I am all good with that information I set my 339 up on the Xicoy scales and
worked the measurments and plugged in the numbers and it appears that I am 2 tenths of an oz nose heavy.
I was hoping that some others would have Xicoy numbers and wouldnt mind sharring I take pictures of my Xicoy with
my planes on them and take pictures of the Xicoy screen so that I can retain that info and share at a later date.
I have a file folder on my laptop for each plane I own along with pictures of the build and any updates and ideas.

I am going to upgrade the front of each wing and add another anti rotation spot that will be a must I think.

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