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Yes I looked at the nose gear a while ago indeed with a set screw in mind, but I still have to figure it out.
I think the design is already too old for Anton (Skymaster) to put any time in a redesign.

I once had a jet where I elected to simplify the air systems and use only one air tank, it was within 5 flights I was rewarded with a belly landing. It was a Pirotti Tuono with wing tanks, Landed on our concrete RWY, with just some scratches on the underside of the tanks.

The Cortex: If You have one around on the shelf already, OK, but really the plane does not need it, flies on rails. Maybe during turbulent conditions on final the effect of the Cortex can be seen, dampening the movements out.
However I always advise to fly a new model w/o any electronic help, then You really know what the basic behavior of the plane is, Anyhow, You can switch it ON during flight which is OK.
I am always careful with those units, I've seen too many wrongly programmed stabilizing ones(like with reversed ailerons).

In order to press the wing against the fuse I installed a screw which exactly does that and thereby presses the air system quick disconnect couplers firmly into each other. So that gives me an extra rotational stop. You are right, when the aft stop will fail, there is no backup and the result would be a dreadful crash.

If You read my previous posting, I did write where You can buy the best lighting system I know of at
I can PM You the separate part numbers of the individual lights I used.

There is no need to be tenths of an inch to a certain CG, as I stated before, it is not critical at all, after a few flights You might end up 2-3 cms more aft of Your first flight by removing lead from the nose. I did start with a way too much forward position and once I landed hard because of this in one of the first flights. After moving it well backwards it now lands very easy. The only thing I note it still flies with an elevator setting which is well off "0". So in fact the incidence of the stabilizer is wrong, but adjusting that would mean a lot of work. At the moment It is stored for wintertime, so I cannot check whether the ELEV is offset to a down or up position.

Yes, I also document EVERYTHING from any model, keep track of all the bills for that plane, where I flew it, weights, any work I did on them. Keep all the manuals etc together. When I decide to sell a plane, I can discuss the price by showing all bills of all the components that are in. After a few Years one tends to forget how much money sits in a model. Plus the new owner will have all manuals etc all together and he knows all history about the plane and engine.

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