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Originally Posted by AllModesR/C View Post
... Sill the elevator servo will not move.
Transmitter settings? Servo throw reduction active, dual rate active, mixers active?
Elevator servo okay? It moves on an aileron output? Aileron servo moves on elevator output?

Originally Posted by AllModesR/C View Post
... I am not familiar with electric planes so this was a learning experience for me. ...
Some well-structured reading for rainy/windy days, including two e-books, and some handy e-tools as well. Will save you, and us Name:  biggrin.gif
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Size:  1.0 KB a lot of questions. Notably the 'what went wrong?' kind of questions Name:  frown.gif
Views: 42
Size:  1.0 KB Will also prevent you from burning up several controllers and/or motors and/or battery:
E-flight primer and tools

And pleasepleaseplease, do your RC equipment, wallet, ego, battery, controller, motor, house/garage/car a big favour ... get a watt-meter. It will more than pay for itself, will save you at least one fried motor and one fried controller. Will also help you finding the best setup.
Keep battery-/-watt-/multi-meter wires short!
too long wires batteryside will kill ESC over time: precautions, solutions & workarounds

Prettig weekend Ron
Without a watt-meter you are in the dark ... until something starts to glow
e-flight calculators watt-meters diy motor tips&tricks Cumulus MFC