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Ron, The Lipo would be more than enough for the engine, I have a 2S/30C/3600 on my JetCat P160 but that is with the original ECU, so maybe not a good comparison.
Make a test start when it gets a bit darker outside (and If You have forgiving neighbors ) and see if You witness any fire inside the engine, looking from the backside. You should also be able to see an increase of the EGT while monitoring the terminal display.
If it does not light up, it can be the startup fuel is just a little low, or the Kero plug does not heat up enough. Anyway, the reason for not starting should have something to do with the flame out when the engine is already hot.
Also check the fuel pump, there should be a test menu, to see if it runs, but disconnect the fuel line from the engine if You don't want to flood Yr engine and maybe have a hot start next time.
Basically jet engines are simple devices, fire and fuel and they will run.
Be sure to have an extinguisher at hand when starting unwilling engines. But of course You always have. !!