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Default FHSS vs Dual Band

I need some technical expertise on this question. With our remote control product, we use a frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) two-way transmission system on 5 channels of the 433 MHz band. The signal is designed to hop 5x per second.

Our competitor uses a dual band, one-way system on 468 MHz and 916 MHz (although they only have FCC approval on 868 MHz - another story).

They are basically claiming to the unknowing public that "two bands are better than one," and that FHSS is archaic technology since it was initially developed many decades ago.

I am hopeful that I can find an RF transmission expert who can provide me with proof, in the form of some type of clear and easily understandable example, which shows the benefits of two-way FHSS vs one-way dual band.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!