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With the entire airframe now 3D printed, i noticed a few things about the design i didnt like once i looked at it a few months later (it took about 6 months worth of printing and tuning on the new big printer before i got the T38 done). So bc of that, some changes were made to the cad model which required reprinting a few parts (flaps and rudder). Before i printed those parts, i was printing some other bits and came to the realization that the X and Y dimensions were off by a significant amount (7% on one axis and 13% on the other!). Once i fixed this inaccuracy and printing new flaps it was blatantly obvious that the entire airframe was going to need reprinted.... better to find out now rather than later right? So the entire print process was restarted. This actually ended up being a good thing because after 6 months of tuning on the printer, i was able to print the airframe in less pieces and with a better surface quality. 36 hours continuous prints were pretty common.

With all the printing done.. again... i assembled all of the pieces (1/4 and 3/8 diameter holes were placed through the flying surfaces for fiberglass rods to be placed to prevent warping of the surfaces) and began applying body filler to smooth and fill the joint seams.

And of course i had to assemble it all to see how it looked.