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Default Tamiya Tiger 1 question

I have a quick question for all you Tamiya electronic experts. I am just finishing up a Tiger 1 and was curious if I could wire the two black boxes together so that they only run off of one battery. The DMD Control Unit & the DMD multi function unit each use a separate battery and I want to splice the power wires together so they share one common battery. has anybody done this? I realize the capacity will be only half of what the stock set-up will be & I don't really care as long as it runs for a reasonable time.
Another dilemma is how to get the battery in and out of the model, the top is held in place with two small countersunk screws that are covered up by the turret and if the turret is pointed straight ahead it will not come off! The only way to get the battery in and out is to park the tank with the turret off to the left so the retaining ears for the turret are lined up in the removal position, what to do?
I am sure there have been a million of these built and so with all the creative skills on RCU I am open to any ideas

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