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Fantastic guys! So good to see people happy with the FG60's, and it looks like the timing definately sorts out the problems people were having, along with the revised cylinder/piston combination on the newer planes. They are such good engines when they are running nicely.

I saw that the French guy that has his business doing the timing and negative pressure crankcase business, had a facebook video of a FG84 that was converted a while back and he stripped the engine after about 400 flights and the internals looked great. Lots of lube in the upper valve train, very little (if any) wear on the crank bearing/main rod. Remember the 84had no brass bushing so was very susceptible to failure, but having the fuel/air mix going through the crankcase was providing more than enough lube to that area. Both his and Morris' conversions are proving very good for them, along with the timing mod.

Jon, I was considering an FG90 in the TopRC FW190, but I think it might be a little marginal, so am toying with the idea of a UMS 125 instead. Certainly, the Saito's are great engines when running nicely, and although I suspect you thought it was a little boring, I got the sarcasm and know you are enjoying trouble-free running of a great sounding, efficient and fun power plant.

So good to see all your planes and happy flying. Superb!