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A fair point about the road-wheel set up RichJohnson and one that RCTR has put to Haya ltd for future productions as this has been an ongoing issue with most of the tanks RCTR club members run. A couple of solutions have been used by our members to try and overcome this shortfall such as the fitting of aftermarket bearings in our tanks where possible/practical or fitting brass bushings where bearings are not an option.

Looking at the Chieftains wheel setup it appears like bushings may be the easy way to go. The wheel shaft on the plastic swing arm is 5mmOD, so a 5mmID ( 6mmOD ) brass tube cut to length will fit over it. Then it’s a case of drilling out the wheels to take a 6mmID ( 7mmOD) brass tube cut to length. There is enough plastic in our opinion if you wish to fit 5mmID bearings with an outside diameter of no more than 10mm And a depth of not more than 3mm. Up to the individual which option is the most practical for there abilities and/or needs.