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I know... I know... things are supposed to run perfect. However you have to understand that I've been fussing with this troublesome engine ever since I got it what, three years ago or so? We've,( the many folks on this thread), have been thrashing this thing from A to Z, up and down, and sideways for quite a while. From why cylinders are breaking, discussing detonation, overheating, cooling, funny crank phasing, strange carbs, different carbs, intakes, and finally discovering the ignition timing was off and coming up with a cure for it all the while wondering why the heck Saito missed this stuff in the first place.

I like a good mechanical challenge from time to time, and now sadly (sorta) this one has pretty much run it's course?

Perhaps we should send a bill to Saito for "Technical Services". I wouldn't recommend holding your breath waiting for payment on that one though!