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Jon, thats funny, man! I have the same feeling....I look at it all dejected sometimes and almost 'will' it to fail.:-)

I am always looking for a challenge, and have the other engines to mess around with. For now, I want to fly my Saito and enjoy it! There are a couple of guys where I fly who deny to this day that there is NOTHING WRONG with it as it comes from the factory, and will NOT entertain putting any mods on it....some of them only fly them twice or three times per year so the chances of them failing while I am spectating are disappointingly low...LOL....
Others have done the timing mod as a minimum and are genuinely impressed by the smooth running and are less afraid to fly them. I think they are all waiting for me to determine whether the crankcase mod is worth it or not, as reducing the oil content, and thus carbonisation is their next desire. So this winter I am flying the nuts off it.....as a guinea pig. Some guys find it funy that I treat this engine so badly, and they are expensive and I am not a wealthy man, but like you, I have battled enough to a point where it is almost, if not, fixed now!

THis has been an interesting, frustrating informative thread, and although it seems to have run its course, I am very grateful that so many people contributed in a 'mostly' positive way....and it appears that teamwork....works!