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The stock location of the elevator and rudder make it difficult to access the two aft servo screws. I decided to move both servos forward about 1/4" to make all of the screws more easily accessible. This meant that the supplied servo tray would be too short, which is OK as it was way too sloppy for me...

Not liking a few things about the rudder and elevator tray location and set-up, so I decided to make a few changes/improvements. I relocated the servo tray rail moving it back as well as notching both side fuse doublers to hold the rail.

The rail is (1/4" x 3/8" basswood) glued into position.

This should give a stronger joint without any weight penalty. Basically a win win situation...

I also ditched the servo trays and made two new ones. I also lowered the front of the tray about 3/16" by notching the top of the former. These will be epoxied into position, but not quite yet...

I have been holding all of my servos in place with cap head screws threaded into blind nuts for years without any failures. I'm not fond of using wood screws to hold servos in place. Here, I'm drilling holes to receive the 2-56 blind nuts.

Gently tapped into position.

Note: Its always a good idea to run a tap through each blind nut before installing them, or at least run a fastener through. You don't want to find out later that the thread has a burr in it an won't accept the fastener.

Each blind nut is epoxied in place.

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