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That tip is most likely a misprint. The XG14 came out about three years after the XG11. The description of the stick position switches in the XG14 manual is identical to the XG11 except for the drawings and one crucial word. The first sentence of the second paragraph of the XG11 manual states, “Six virtual switch systems are available.” In the XG14 manual the Six is changed to Two.

Another misstatement is the last sentence in that paragraph that says it is possible to set up a dead zone in the middle. This can be done on the XG11 as it has a more complicated but more extensive stick position switch programming than the XG14. I don’t see any way of doing it on the XG14.

The easiest way to get more gain at extreme stick positions to do snaps is to add more expo to the rates. A more complicate way would be to set up a program mix for each axis to increase the rate when the one remaining SPS is tripped AND the snap flight mode is active.