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Default RedCat Earthquake 3.5 Breakin Troubles

Hi everyone,

I am new to the hobby and was gifted a nitro truck against my better judgement I accepted it and began the process for break-in. The problem I encountered initially was the carb being closed shut from factory, so I got that corrected and it has a small opening now by adjusting the trim on the control. After this I was able to start the engine, but it would quickly die after removing the glow igniter, which some Internet searching suggested leaving the igniter on for the break-in if this occurs because it is ideal to run rich and not lean the high speed needle. I went through one tank and getting ready to do the second tank the engine would only fire up for a brief second then sputter out and it never became difficult to use the pull start during this but after about my fifth attempt to start a loud expulsion of pressure fired out the exhaust. At this point the engine would not fire up and feels like there is no longer enough pressure to pull fuel into the carb in fact I was able to observe this since some air bubbles in the line would not move unless I covered the exhaust as if I was priming again, but to no avail this made no difference.

Engine is .21 SH using 20% Nitro

Pull start still works the motor I can see it turn over, but less resistance than usual like there is no closed pressure of course with the glow plug in.
No fluids leaking from anywhere.
Engine doesn't appear to be flooded.
Glow plug testing it glows orange
Any suggestions as to what has gone wrong?

Thank you