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A better flight. It got into trouble 2 times but other than that it was pretty good. I started with a higher attack angle but after a minute or so switched over to a lower attack angle and got a better result. It is favoring left a little but so I need to re-tune the wings to fix that.

The problems and the solutions that I tried:

- The unit is too slow in transition and thrust vectoring and lift from the wings not in balance. Solutions tried: reduced from surface area, retuned the wings to balance a little better.

- Unit drifting when transitioning, resulting from counter torque from the prop. Solution tried: favored the left wing over the left one to balance.

- Attack angle not stable: I have not resolved this yet but I think I am in the right direction. I added a stabilizer wing to the top and will extend it a little more.

My initial flight time calculation was not correct. This flight used about 1367 MAH and is about 4 minutes. So, with the new battery I will probably break 10 minute level but not sure if it will do 15 minutes. May be if I hand launch, fly really slow and not hover at all…