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A muuuuch better flight. Extended the rear stabilizer and a slight tune-up and we are there. This is 3 minutes flight that I used close to 1000mah. Which should give me about 9 minutes max on a full charge. The unit drifts a little bit in different attack angles but I can live with that. Everything works fine. I am almost full roll + a little but of yaw from time to time to keep it on the park. When I apply a little more yaw it makes super tight turns. The neutral hover has a little forward built into it for added hover stability and easier turns. Will get the new battery ready and test the flight time. Interestingly, the unit doesn’t seem to have a significantly longer flight time over the same size EDF unit…. Am I doing something wrong here? Props supposed to be way more efficient. Anyways, happy with the result. Very fun to fly. Time to install the cam.