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Thanks for the encouraging words! I certainly hope its something that would make a fun hobby at the very least, even if all my ideas fail I hope to have fun ya know?

I will look into these books and see if I can get a copy locally - that would probably be a big help during the initial "idea" phase I'm in. I don't plan on ordering any electronics or really even beginning to print anything until I have a solid understanding of what I will be doing, and what all will go into it, because I'd hate to pour many hours and money into it only to find that it only serves as a paper weight, haha.

I will most likely spend a good bit of time getting used to the printer, as that is somewhat new to me - though I have experience in 3D modelling I have yet to try my hand at actually printing stuff out, which will have a learning curve as well. Once I think I'm confident with the printer and the material I'll be using I will only then start to look into the body design. I do like the idea of maybe trying other materials (wood, foam) and seeing if I can work out a concept that way, but I don't know for sure I'd be very good at that, and might be better off sticking to a 3D print just because I have experience on the software side of thing, while with woodworking or just foam cutting and shaping I would be a bit out of my element I think. I'll keep that in mind though as that does make sense.

I've found many plans and models online (thingiverse has some) of actual working flying wing designs, as well as normal looking tail aircraft designs and even replica full size crafts that are supposed to be flight worthy straight out of the printer. I suppose a first attempt model might make more sense as just a slightly modified (scaled and with space allowed for electronics) version of one of those. I will probably avoid flying wings because of the apparent harder to handle nature of them, and see if I can't just start with something that has already been proven in flight just to save myself the pain of having a poor design.

I hope more people can share their thoughts on this idea - and even if someone could share their experience with parallel wiring designs and what kind of flight times they were able to achieve with simply expanding on batteries.