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You might first study the principles of flight, and what actually makes an aircraft fly. There's quite a bit of science that goes into that alone. There's a reason flight times might seem limited in models to some that don't understand even the easiest fundamentals. It's not all about "put a bigger battery in it". There's many principles that prove that. The history of flight would tell you alot about what's worked, and what hasn't and why.

I commend your enthusiasm, but you must walk before you can run. A simple model might shed some light for you. If you can design, and/or build a simple model, or even a kit of some sort, you'd have a grasp on what that aspect alone entails.

Every pioneer in the history of aviation started with models of some kind. Burt Ratan was/is an avid model builder and designer, look where he's at today. Every astronaut has probably been a modeler, as well as most pilots. Some full scale pilots fly RC for fun... many of my RC friends are licensed pilots, some airline pilots... but it all boiled down to building models. That fundamental foundation has helped to form and teach the best designers and pilots the world has ever known.

Yes, there's files and such out now for 3D printed models... I have a friend that's working on a 1/4 scale 3D printed aerobatic plane right now... and he's got alot of experience, and is pretty realistic in what he can and can't do.

I'm not saying what you're after can't be done, long range RC has been done many times... miles and miles.. the military can fly thousands of miles away of course... If you're determined and have the talent and ability to do whatever it is you're posting about, you'll find a way. The best thing you might get is experience in one form or another. Just build something and fly it.. that will give you some experience.