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Default Exceed Genesis, parts or just scrap it

I have a Genesis Helicopter I bought about 6 years ago, it was crashed so I fixed it up and it had a slight crash, nicked the blades up and slightly bent the main shaft. problem is I can't seem to find the same main shaft that's in this helicopter it's different from all the other 450s I've seen. I straightened it but it's impossible to get it perfect so without a new main shaft it's never going to be right. I would also love to find a manual or assembly schematic for this because when I got it it was in pieces and the main shaft has a spacer between the gear and top of the frame and there's a little tiny bit of play up and down, almost like it needs a washer in between somewhere but without a schematic or instructions on how it's put together I don't know for sure? Can't post a pic but I can send a pic of the shaft if anyone wants to see what it looks like.