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Originally Posted by Flyfast1 View Post
I don't recall, but will check and post an answer by Sunday.

-Ed B.
This morning I confirmed that mine pitched down when flaps were deployed. My mix is +2% on a Futaba 12FG, meaning that when flaps are deployed, the elevators move up slightly. I also used the spool in feature so that the elevators do not simply pop up, but instead slowly move up. This prevents any visible change in pitch while the plane is flying.

If yours reacts the same way as mine, it is nothing to be concerned about. You'll be able to add a few clicks of up elevator to compensate for the pitch change. Also note that this will change if you add or remove ballast from the front of the plane. I think I started with around 12 ounces of lead in front and ended up with approximately 24 ounces (1.5 lbs). The plane flew fine with 12 ounces, but for me flies better with a little more weight because it penetrates and turns better.

When is your maiden?

-Ed B.