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Default Update to 1:4 Scale

Fuselage interior aft of pilot seat, full size Sisu 1A, last number in serial production.
I've enlarged and renotched the parts to 1:4 scale and 5/32" thick aircraft ply. Fuselege ply parts use one 12" x 48" sheet of goods. They've been sent to the cutter and will soon be on the bench and hope to make a video of the assembly order and process while I also work out the details for the wing mount, instrument panel pedestal and landing skid mount as well as V-tail subassembly for de-mountable empenage and actuation linkage routing. Should be the simple part of development compared to the initial three views and fuselage frame. I've also created the root and tip wing ribs per original full size airfoil profiles and extruded the complete set of wing ribs, less the lightening truss cutouts. They've been notched for typical spars from cap and shear but still need to add the drag spar/aileron/flap location and assembly parts details as well as the location of the servos. Tom