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Decided to convert the MonoProp to test the autonomous unit with ardupilot. As can be seen in the pic we have lots of cables. The reason for this is that I have an Arduino board at the exit of APM to do the necessary mixings and convert the signals to a format that can fly the MonoProp.

- Re-flashed an old OP GPS unit to work with APM board.

- Arduino board is doing the necessary mixings for the thrust vectoring and the wings. One change is that on this version the wings are opened with the tilt angle instead of pitch input. I am able to reverse the yaw compensation feeding into the wing servos, so I am hoping that this unit will be more capable of handling the tail wind. There is a little bit of jitter caused by the Arduino but not too bad.

- If successful the unit will be fully autonomous, using the awesome autonomous capabilities of Ardupilot.

This is the first test. It didn’t take too long for the unit to tumble but still promising. I thing the thrust vectoring servo ranges are insufficient so I will adjust them via Arduino code and some additional tuning will need to be dome.