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Originally Posted by FlyerInOKC View Post
I was on a website researching so inexpensive servos when he I saw a disclaimer stating Hong Kong had shutdown their postal service due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This got me thinking with all the Chinese cities under quarantine and the evacuations and quarantine of citizens here other countries what is going to be the long range affect? Companies like Horizon and others seem to have all their eggs in the RTF/ARF/ARC/BNF basket and now it looks like the pipeline could be interrupted for some time to come. What happens now?
I don't know about you , but I've got enough RC hobby stuff stashed to last until i'm about 136 years old , so I'll worry about it then

And the name , , , , "Coronavirus" .... I'll take the "Budweiservirus" , thank you very much ...
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