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Originally Posted by will537 View Post
Can anyone tell me what the conrod centres should be on an Indian Mills 1.3 Mk11, When I got the engine the conrod was bent and as near as I could measure the centres looked to be 1 1/16" so made a new rod at that, Engine ran backwards ,couldn't get it to go properly. At BDC piston looked to be partially still covering exhaust ports so made rod number 2 at 1 1/32" centres which puts piston very close to bottom edge of exhaust port. Can get it to start now but it runs rough, tempted to go even shorter but it takes me a day to hack a new rod out of solid so thought it better to see if any info out there.

Hello Will,
Contact Ed Carlson of Carlson Engines Imports @ 602-863-1684
He might have the part you need? Or he might have the answer?

If not?
You could try the RC Group site for diesels?
Here is the website address to post your question?

Lot of Brits and Aussies post there and probably will give you the answer.

(old diesel runner)