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Originally Posted by Tip22v View Post
so I picked up my custom aerosol cans today, I asked the guy if he could give me the color codes, he said he did not have any codes because he matches and then mixes the colors by eye! I must say I was a little skeptical so I sprayed the red onto a spare nose gear door when I got home and I have to say itís so close that my untrained eye cannot distinguish between them I canít wait to try it out on a fully prepped surface, probably another nose gear door for starters.
A tip when spraying the final clear cote. You need to ask the paint man to sell you a product called blending agent. Upol sells it. What it does is it melts the sprayed clear cote to the original clear. Itís actually a reducer that when sprayed on the edges of the sprayed clear, it makes it an invisible transition.


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